Presenter: Andony Melathopoulos, PhD, Oregon State University

Sunday Luncheon: The Oregon Bee Project and Residential Beekeeping Guidelines—Updates

Oregon has two new initiatives: (1) a statewide pollinator health strategy (the Oregon Bee Project) and (2) a training program on residential beekeeping. Both intiatives are unique within the US. I will lay out key features of both initiatives.


 Andony Melathopoulos is an Assistant Professor in Pollinator Health Extension in the Department of Horticulture at Oregon State University. OSU’s work around pollinator health comes from mandates passed by the Oregon Legislature. He has four primary responsibilities: (1) training pesticide applicators on how to control pests while minimizing impacts to pollinators, (2) organizing a state-wide native bee survey (the Oregon Bee Atlas), (3) guiding residential beekeepers on how to prevent their honey bees from becoming a nuisance, and (4) hosting a weekly podcast on pollinator health (PolliNation). He also sits on the Steering Committee of the Oregon Bee Project, which coordinates pollinator health work across state agencies.