Presenter: Andrew Schwab, Instructor

Bee School
This beginning beekeeping class will review and explain the basic things to do during the first year of keeping bees. We will go over the different pieces of equipment needed, with a focus that leans more toward use of Langstroth-style hives. Those attending will be given the basics, information that is always needed no matter the level of keeping bees. We will cover identification of different bees in the hive, when to feed, what to feed, what to look for when doing hive inspections, getting bees ready for a successful winter, and, of course, installing the bees for the first time.


Andrew Schwab has been in beekeeping almost his whole life. His father was commercial beekeeper in the Plains States while he was growing up. It did not take long after moving away for school that he had bees again. With this, he has garnered experience at every level: hobby, sideline, commercial.