Presenter: Anna Childers, PhD, USDA ARS, Beltsville

Research Updates from the USDA Bee Research Laboratory

Overview of research underway at the Bee Research Lab including work on viruses, NosemaVarroa, and nutrition.


Identifying and Monitoring Disease Threats

Efforts through the Bee Research Lab’s Bee Disease Diagnostic Service and other projects to identify and monitor disease threats throughout the US.  


 Anna Childers, PhD,  is the Computational Biologist in the US Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Service’s Bee Research Laboratory in Beltsville, MD. She received a BS in Animal Science at Purdue University, a MS in Genetics at Iowa State University and a PhD in Biology at Georgetown University where she focused on difficult to predict genes in the honey bee while also contributing to the Hymenoptera Genome Database.  As a post-doc in Dr. George Yocum’s lab, she studied gene regulation during diapause in alfalfa leafcutting bees and under stress conditions in honey bees.  Anna collaborates on a variety of projects using genomics and transcriptomics to better understand honey bees and their multitude of pests and pathogens.