Presenter: Alan Turanski, GloryBee



Started in 2012, by GloryBee, SAVE the BEE®, a 501c3 non-profit, is on a mission to build awareness and raise money to support education and research and connect consumers and their decisions to the sustainability of the bees. We believe bees are critical to a healthy and abundant food supply and that by creating partnerships we can increase collaboration from consumers to commercial industry to make positive changes.

Come to hear and learn more about SAVE the BEE®, what we have accomplished, who is receiving support and what we plan to do next.


Alan Turanski leads vision, innovation and continuous improvements at GloryBee. Ranging from sustainability, technology, facilities and being a cause forward company he is committed to ensuring GloryBee is a business as a force for good. He has led development of strategic plans and transitioning from the first to second generation of leadership within the company. He has long term relationships with customers and has helped develop GloryBee’s reputation as a quality, customer service oriented supplier. Alan became GloryBee’s President in 2015 and currently overseas the company’s operations, procurement, technology and finance areas while working on business development and providing strategic direction to all areas of the organization. During his time, Alan has led efforts to rebrand GloryBee, increasing operational efficiencies by 18%, launch our sustainability programs including several large solar projects & fleet conversion to biodiesel.

Alan is also an advocate for the honeybee. Alan was also a driving force in developing GloryBee’s SAVE the BEE® initiative which donates to bee-saving projects. A beekeeper and considered knowledgeable in the field, Alan has served as spokesperson for the plight of the honeybee and promotion of conservation efforts including testifying at the State Capitol in 2013 on the issue of colony collapse.