Presenter: Jen Holt, Oregon State University

Sunday Luncheon: Oregon Master Beekeeper Program

 The Oregon Master Beekeeper Program began in 2012. Since then, it has educated over 1,000 beekeepers. Our enrolled Journey Beekeeper students have the opportunity to share their knowledge through service activities and they receive advanced beekeeping education in events such as the Oregon Master Beekeeper Institute, Lab Day at OSU, and a summer field day. This talk will cover the exciting ways that students are getting the word out about beekeeping across the state of Oregon. If you are interested in participating in the Oregon Master Beekeeper Program, please visit us at


Jen Holt wears several hats in her role at Oregon State University. She is the Program Coordinator for the Oregon Master Beekeeper Program and also works in conjunction with Dr. Andony Melathopoulos as the Program Coordinator for the OSU Pollinator Health Program, where she is developing exciting ways for the two programs to cross-pollinate. Jen was an Apprentice student in the inaugural year of the program, and continues as a Journey student and committee member. She met her husband Dan through the Master Beekeeper Program, and while he is an avid beekeeper, her two children Finn (11) and Cale (9) are content to observe bees from a distance.