Presenter: Judy Scher, Lane County Beekeepers Association

Using Propolis and Beeswax in Making Lotions and Other Products of the Hive

This will be a demonstration of making a cream lotion using propolis and beeswax, and oils. If time permits, there will also be a demo of making a finish for woodenware. There will also be a talk on preparing propolis extract from the hive to the bottle. Lotion recipes and techniques tend to be secretive. The technique of adding propolis to the recipe and keeping it in suspension was a mystery until I discovered a technique several years ago. Like methods in managing honey bees, I believe all knowledge should be shared.


  Before becoming an avid urban beekeeper in 2002, Judy Scher has been making lotions and soaps since the mid 1990s. Judy is a past president of Lane County Beekeepers Association and a member of the Oregon Master Beekeeper planning committee. She is currently working on completing the master level of Oregon Master Beekeepers.